StUdio Equipment

Our Studio Equipment

The magic in our mixes, to a great extent, comes from years of experience, ear training, and expertise. This, combined with our no-compromise approach to equipment, places MusicMixMastreing in the ideal position to help you achieve your vision for your music.

Our equipment choices range from exceptional room acoustics to mint outboard tubes and also include:

  • Class-A Analogue Equipment
  • High-End Monitoring Systems
  • Mastering Grade Conversation
  • Top Quality, Industry Standard Software


Adding class-A analogue depth and punch to your audio!

Lindell Audio Passive EQ (x2)

IGS Audio S-Type 500 Series Stereo Buss

Compressor Module

Matched Pair Phoenix Audio N90-DRC/500

API 550B 500 Series EQ

A-Designs Pacifica Pre-Amps

Focusrite ISA Pre-Amps

500 Series Kush Audio Electra

Lynx Aurora Mastering Converter


A range of monitoring systems to make sure it sounds good everywhere!

Adam AX8 Monitors/ Matching Subwoofers

Single Driver Avantone Mixcubes

Single Driver Behritones C5As

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro-headphones

DAW | Software

Tool for every style of music, giving us the flexibility to create your perfect mix!

Lynx Aurora 16 Channel Mastering Converter

Logic Pro X

Extensive Range Of UAD-2 plugins 

UAD-2 Satellites (X2)

Extensive Range Of Brainworks plugins from Waves, Fabfilter, Brainworx

The Right Tools For The Job


Using  range of different monitoring system is paramount to getting a mix that translates into the real world, as well as sounding steller in the studio. Once mixed here with us you can expect your mix to sound excellent in the car, home stereo and even a portable radio!

Hybrid Setup

For us, analogue and digital is a match made in heaven. 

Analogue still sounds better, adding depth and character that has never quite been captured in the digital domain. Yet digital provides total recall to any mix, speeds up our workflow, and provides detailed automation for fine-tuning the mix. 

Using both outboard equipment, alongside a DAW, we can deliver your perfect mix whilst also providing recallable sessions for any revision you may have.